Get to know everything about our development- and production processes

Development process


At the beginning of creating a molded part there has to be an idea. This idea needs to put on paper and needs to be developed step by step. This includes a dimensioned layout with precise material requirements.


As soon as we receive all costumer´s information and our request has been confirmed we develop a compound on the basis of the costumer´s requirements regarding colour and material. Depending on the request we use metal inlays (or similar) during manufacture of the moulded parts. So we are able to deliver samples for inspection to the costumer.

Change request

In case of a need of corrections we are able to e.g. exchange tools so that from the former idea we are able to provide a finished product.

Production process


To produce the moulded parts we use different tools which get clamped into the press or the injection moulding machine. After the assembly of tools the requested compounds are put into the press or get injected into the injection moulding machine.


To make the compounds resistant to chemical influences or mechanical load we use the vulcanization.


At the end we open the tool, take out the complete compound and prepare it for delivery.