Compound operation

There are two compounding lines in our factory each one includes a 100 l – kneader, in addition there are two mixing mills and one batch-off unit.
The one line produces black rubber compounds, the other on coloured rubber compounds with a weight per part of about 140 kg.

Our third compounding line includes a 65-l kneader which produces coloured rubber compounds with weights up to 75 kg.

Injection Moulding Machine

You can see the DESMA BENCHMARK 900 D968.1000 with dimensions of 1.8000 mm x 1.000 mm and an injection volume of 12,5 l.

Since March 2014 we own the DESMA BENCHMARK 750 D968.450 with dimensions of 810 mm x 980 mm and an injection volume of 3,5 l. On this picture you can see the delivery.

In September 2014 we are going to expand our
machine program, this includes the DESMA BENCHMARK D968.1000 with dimensions of 2.000 mm x 1.500 mm and an injection volume of 19,5 l.


We own a three level press with dimensions of 1.600 mm x 1.200 mm and locking pressure of 1.000 to. Additionally we own a press with dimensions of 1.000 mm x 840 mm and 4 SVIT-presses for low volume productions of 590 mm x 390 mm or 400 mm x 400 mm.